There’s more to tanning than achieving that beautiful bronze color – it’s also important to take great care of your skin. Indoor tanning accelerators, bronzers and tan extenders enhance your tanning results while also providing exceptional care to your skin via intense moisturizers and skin conditioners.

Our Skincare Products

Hello gorgeous, hello bronze!
Get ultimate, deep bronzing results with these vitamin-rich, supremely hydrating, dark tanning formulas that produce both instant and long-lasting color.
For a dark, luscious skin, intensifying lotions are a must have
Go from dark to darker with these skin conditioning and super-moisturizing rich tanning lotions, formulated without added DHA or cosmetic bronzers for perfect, naturally bronzed results.
Nobody wants their tan to last only a few days, but our skin naturally is working against us
Extend the life of your tan beyond your indoor tanning session with these moisture- and nutrient-rich soothing skin care products.
Face & Legs
Let’s face it, certain parts of your body require a different skin care solution for best results
Certain parts of the body tan differently from the rest. Enhance your legs with lotion featuring shave-minimizers and firming ingredients, or try a facial lotion specifically formulated for the sensitive skin on your face.
So you want an instant tan?
Embrace beautifully bronzed skin like never before with Premier Collection® Sunless. This line of at-home self-tanning products was specifically designed to not only impart vibrant color, but also to nourish skin. From preparation to daily maintenance, Premier Collection® Sunless has you covered.
Smooth those wrinkles, burn calories, and reduce that unwanted cellulite!
Our anti-aging and wellness services will help you achieve flawless healthy skin, while helping you achieve your fitness goals. We offer gels, sprays, and lotions to help enhance the results of our Red Light Therapy and Infrared Body Wrap systems.
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